Our Team


Natalie, our director trained as a Registered Nurse at Thames Hospital; and has 22 years executive experience as a recruitment company owner in Auckland and Canberra Australia.

Her passion is to teach self empowering tools and techniques to assist people with their emotional, physical Health and Wellbeing.

Natalie has had phenomenal experiences she must now share. The first being a cancerous black mole lightening up in colour when she first commenced self healing Qigong – no more common cold. Her analytical mind needed answers.

She explored mind-body education, meta-physics, light therapies and vibrational therapies to enable her to experience herself, how we release the traumas and emotions out of the physical bodies.

Self-healing Qigong deepens the mind-body connection, optimises health, connecting with Universal energies. Her dedication to the practice gives her the ability to now entrain you into this high vibrational healing energy.

Natalie is driven to pass on her knowledge to those who have a desire to evolve and live the best version of themselves.

Qualified with her masters in Holistic Human development covering many psych-therapies, and advanced counselling techniques, qigong for 15 years, vibrational light language techniques and tools with her foundational experience working as a Registered Nurse. She has many references and success stories to strengthen her wisdom and understanding of how the body self heals.





Supports the NZHICAT team with business ecology. His work in holistic health and agribusiness have guided him to the power of therapeutic arts, and a commitment to empowering others to find employment in service of human transformation.

From biotechnology to biodynamic farming, Dale’s training includes qigong and pastoral counselling. May we all express our higher selves in our environments for the good of All.