Teacher and Teaching Assistant Roles

Creative expression can have a significant impact on the healing process for people with trauma, addictions and psychological or emotional stagnations (all of us).

Holistic Creative Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that integrates creative modalities including visual art-making, drama, dance/movement, sound and warrior drumming, creative writing and nature-connected arts within a therapeutic relationship to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It differs from traditional art-making or performance in that the emphasis is on connecting into the heart and emotional body with intention; the processes of creating and of meaning-making.

The creative therapist develops a therapeutic relationship with their clients with clear boundaries, treatment plans and outcomes to assist them in the healing process. Arts therapists can work effectively with individuals and groups.

Position details

Position description

Diploma of Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy Teacher and Teaching Assistants.

Course information

  • Tauranga, Historic Village – May 3rd, 10am to 4.30 pm (tbc).
  • Auckland, Rotorua, Katikati – express your interest (tbc).

Teaching assistants

Contract $20 an hour, $180 one day a week.

Part time role.
6 Hours, one day a week.
Course work is 10 hours a week approx.

Students on the Course now and keen to pass on this course to others in your area.  You will need to be signed up on the Course and started online or have prior experience. Teaching in this area and keen to complete the course.  You should be a few modules ahead of the class, as well so you can support the current students with their activities. This role pays $20 an hour contract and will basically cover the cost of your course.


Contract $50 an hour, $300 one day a week.

Part time role.
6 Hours, one day a week.
Course work is 10 hours a week approx.

Involved already in your communities in a teaching role or a small health provider business.  Have completed this course or another ARTS Therapy Degree.  You have a good understanding of how this works and have practised with your own clients one on one or in a group setting. You are a Teacher or have experience in Teaching in a classroom and have relevant qualifications. You understand the science behind Frequency and Vibrational healing techniques.
Currently you are setting up or in your own business and wanting to add more skill and gain further clients.  You will be supported strongly by myself;  I will be assisting in the marketing and advertising of classes with your input; to start your class and then we can work out a regular monthly catch up on a face to face basis.  We will work together on marketing plans for your area.