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Self Healing Qigong – Energy Medicine

Through movement, posture and mental focus, Qigong offers a way to rediscover – Qi. Qigong opens the pathways of the Qi meridians, strengthening our connections with mind-body and nature. Regular practice of self-healing Qigong increases vital energy and will unblock channels, bring about a free flow of Qi through blood and body.

The practical benefits of Qigong brings a spiritual force into the physical dimension. Personally experiencing the natural connection within universal Qi is supporting transformation, fulfillment and manifestation of wisdom and compassion.

This mind and energy medicine is based on the teachings of (wisdom-healing) Zhineng Qigong. Scientific research at Medicine-less Hospitals in China has prompted government approval of Zhineng Qigong as the most effective of the eleven recognised Qigong traditions. This self healing Qigong captures and retains the key functions and benefits of traditional Qigong practice; such as maintaining body fitness, developing human ability and longevity.

Both body and mind are used to improve health, heal illness and Release Stress and Trauma. The different methods give choice and variety of practice. Even a paralysed person can practice self-healing Qigong, as those with physical restrictions can make greater use of their mind.

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