Would you like to learn how to achieve and maintain optimal health via gentle, self-healing meditation exercises?

Are you interested in aiding the healing of major and minor illness without the use of medication?

Are you looking to enhance your performance and mind power? Qigong is an ancient power tool for self-improvement.

Do you struggle with anger and frustration and would like to achieve emotional stability? You will learn how to tackle life’s challenges in a calmer, more level-headed manner.

Would you like a safe and gentle way to relieve pain and other symptoms of illness and disease?

Are you tired of being stressed? Qigong practice is proven to reduce stress and improve your emotional well-being.

Express you interest for a weekend of Qigong with Natalie, in Omokoroa.

Introduction to Qigong Booklet

Courses will be coming soon for Qigong, so I have prepared a booklet to help you begin to understand it. Get ahead and start learning and connecting with Qigong.