NZ Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy

Explore and grow your inner journey. Nurture your imagination. Inspire yourself with leading edge science. Enhance your well-being and empower your skills and techniques. We provided high support, online and regional face-to-face classes.

Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapies

A Diploma in HICAT to help yourself and others rediscover their innate creativity. Learn more.

Become an assistant teacher

A Diploma in HICAT to empower teachers and teaching assistants. Learn more.

Movement meditation – Qigong

Learn Qigong, the movement meditation that connects you with energy. Learn more.

Stress management tools

Learn some great ways to manage stress in a modern holistic way. Learn more.


Practice the power of meditation, to help in your everyday life. Learn more.

Free resources

Check out some free resources for you to use. Learn more.

HICAT Diploma

View the courses we offer and see what you could learn. We would love to teach you in what matters most to us.


View some of our tools we have on offer for you to use. Support on a journey of transformation.

“Thank you, I truly enjoyed every aspect of this (certificate level) course. I have started the Mediation for Children course, and I am finding it thoroughly enjoyable.”

R. N.

“This has been a wonderful course which I use often to enhance counselling clients preferring to treat people holistically. I have learned more than I expected and it far exceeded my expectations. I recently opened my own counselling business and am excited about adding holistic ideals and Meditation to my practice. I have completed the Advanced.”


“The journey (through this course) has been a pleasant one as the information is there to revise in a simple and effective manner. If I was to measure my growth both professionally and personally during the last 12 months it has been an uphill curve and I feel that my development will serve not only myself, my family and friends but part of the community that surrounds me.”